Why do I feel uncomfortable after wearing headphones, such as earache, itching, and excessive earwax?

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As long as you walk on the street, you can see people wearing headphones everywhere. The music in the headphones can isolate the outside environment, allowing everyone to fully enjoy their own world. However, wearing headphones for a long time is definitely harmful to our body.

Why do I feel uncomfortable after wearing headphones, such as earache, itching, and excessive earwax?
As far as I know, there are two situations:
1. The headphones are worn improperly or are not suitable, resulting in discomfort;
2. Excessive pursuit of heavy bass causes some people to suffer from 3D vertigo. The first experience of the same dizziness may indeed be shocking, but excessive low frequency will indeed cause abnormal activity of inner ear fluid in some people, thus creating a sense of discomfort.

When using in-ear headphones, most people will find that wearing them for a long time will cause ear discomfort and other problems, such as when the ears When there is oil in the earphones, it is easy to slip off. If you push the earphones in hard at this time, your ears will become very uncomfortable after a long time. So how to solve this problem?

1. When using headphones, if you feel uncomfortable or tired in your ears, you can wrap the headphones around the back of your ears, and then remove them as shown in the picture. Putting the earphones into the ears can prevent the earphones from falling off and soothe the ears.
2. The rubber tips of in-ear headphones can be replaced. Some headphones will be equipped with plastic tips of different sizes when purchased. Choose the size that suits you. Generally, it is better to choose an accessory that is slightly larger than your ear hole. And don’t use too much force when wearing headphones.

3. When your ears are tired, you might as well take off your headphones, close your eyes and rest for a while, and gently press the Tinghui point to get relief (Tinghui point is located in front of the intertragus notch, on the mandible) The posterior edge of the ankle process, there is a depression in the mouth)

The sound waves emitted by the earphones are very concentrated on the ears and directly hit the tympanic membrane, and because the environment between the earphones and the ears is sealed, the sound waves It cannot be dispersed outward. After listening to headphones for more than 10 minutes, you will find that your hearing will decrease. If it lasts for a long time, permanent hearing loss will slowly occur.
Note: When wearing headphones, do not push them too far in, the volume should not be too loud, and avoid wearing headphones for too long.

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