What are some tips for people with hearing loss to use in their daily lives?

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Human hearing is extremely fragile. It is very similar to the brain. Hair cells in the ear and neuron cells in the brain cannot regenerate, so deafness is not far away from us at all. If you have poor hearing, you need to protect your remaining hearing. Don't go to noisy environments and don't wear headphones. Pay attention when you have a cold and sore throat and try to treat it as soon as possible. The Eustachian tube is connected to the ear, so a sore throat can also cause ear discomfort. For people with poor hearing, a sore throat can lead to hearing loss. Pay attention to sleep and try to get a good rest.

What are some tips in life for people with hearing loss?

Doing some preventive work can effectively delay the speed of hearing loss.

1. Stop smoking, drinking, and drinking strong tea, coffee, and other irritating foods. Prevent nicotine and ethanol from damaging the inner ear and auditory nerve.

2. Physical exercise
Proper physical exercise can promote blood circulation throughout the body, increase the body's metabolism, strengthen the blood supply of the inner ear organs, and improve inner ear metabolism. You can choose from a variety of appropriate exercises, such as Tai Chi, walking, jogging, swimming, etc. Among them, walking is the easiest for the elderly to master, and it is an activity that can be exercised anytime and anywhere.

3. Self-massage and health care
4. Keep your mood comfortable

If you want to keep your hearing and vision as you age, you must first have a healthy body and mind, and create a good Living environment, face everything with a happy mood every day. Being open-minded and losing your temper less is a good recipe.

5. Communicate more with people, use your brain more, and use your hands more often to delay aging and prevent presbycusis.

6. Try to avoid exposure to noise, such as noise from traffic, industry, construction, entertainment, and residential environments.

William Clark, an expert at the St. Louis Deafness Research Center, pointed out: In the United States, about 5% of people’s hearing loss is not entirely caused by aging, but by Damage to the ears occurs throughout a person's life. In this regard, people should promptly take practical measures to protect their ears, such as wearing earplugs, protecting their ears with their hands when encountering loud noises such as setting off firecrackers, or staying away from noisy residential areas. If you suffer from deafness and tinnitus, you should go to a professional and regular hospital for examination and treatment in time.

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