Some people have poor hearing. Will the condition get worse? What should I do if I have poor hearing?

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Due to hearing impairment, the elderly are prone to answer questions incorrectly when communicating with others. Over time, this will inevitably lead to the elderly's psychological and behavioral reluctance to communicate with others, leading to depression and loneliness. If ignored at this time, they will It can cause serious psychological trauma to the elderly.

Some people have poor hearing, will the situation get worse? What should I do if I have poor hearing?

Hearing loss includes conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. The former is mainly caused by lesions of the external auditory canal and middle ear, while the latter is caused by lesions of the inner ear. After neurological hearing loss, the older you get, the more your hearing will decrease.

A small number of deaf patients are in the acute stage of deafness, such as sudden deafness, or the active stage of middle ear inflammation. Their hearing may gradually improve, but the vast majority of deaf patients It will not get better, it will only gradually develop in a bad direction, and your hearing will get worse and worse. The difference is that some hearing loss develops slowly and some develops quickly. If you have poor hearing, it is best to consider wearing a hearing aid. This not only makes it easier to hear sounds, but also delays hearing loss.

Hearing loss should be intervened as soon as possible, so we should actively enlighten and persuade the elderly psychologically. Let the elderly go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible for timely treatment.

Data show that Hearing Aids for the elderly can help people with hearing loss improve their quality of life. Wearing appropriate hearing aids for the elderly as early as possible can effectively utilize the remaining hearing of people with hearing loss. The effective use of remaining hearing will play a vital role in improving the quality of life of the elderly in their later years.

But hearing aid fitting for the elderly must be done in a professional and trustworthy place. Find a professional and qualified hearing aid fitter for the elderly. Never use hearing aids that have not been tested and fitted by a professional physician. Hearing aids for the elderly.
If a person wants to wear a pair of glasses, he needs to go through many procedures, test his vision step by step, and then go through a professional fitting before he can wear the glasses, otherwise he may damage his eyes. The same is true for hearing aids for the elderly. If they are not properly matched, they will cause damage to hearing.

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