What should I do if a child has acute otitis media?

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Children’s bodies have developed a lot in early childhood, but they are still very fragile and are easily invaded by various germs and are more likely to suffer from flu-like illnesses, so parents must pay more attention to them. Many children will experience otitis media when they are young.

What should I do if a child suffers from acute otitis media?

Take off more clothes and put less quilt on the child. Sponge yourself with warm water to cool down. Reducing fever is especially important in infants and pediatric patients. You can also take a small amount of antipyretic and analgesic drugs under the guidance of a doctor to relieve discomfort and reduce fever. Even if the body temperature is lowered, the baby still cries incessantly or the baby's fontanel protrudes or sinks significantly when not crying. You should go to the hospital in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, the patient is given antibiotics.

1. Stay calm. If you receive appropriate treatment, it is just like a cold. It is a very common disease and has its natural course.

2. Let the child have sufficient quiet and rest. When sleeping, raise the head and neck as much as possible to reduce congestion and swelling, so as to prevent the inflammation of the European canal and middle ear from becoming more severe and causing pain. .

3. Breastfeeding children, especially babies under one year old, should avoid letting them lie down to drink milk, because the baby’s Euclidean duct is shorter, wider and larger. Level, lying down and drinking milk sometimes overflows into the middle ear cavity, bringing in pathogenic bacteria from the nasopharynx.

4. When you have a fever, you should give adequate fluids, because a fever will cause body heat to dissipate and cause dehydration, making the child weaker and less resistant, affecting their recovery. When giving water, you should choose those that contain substantial substances, that is, solutes, such as juice, honey, milk, etc. This kind of water is easier to absorb. Unlike boiled water, which is a diuretic solvent, the amount of absorption is small and wastes physical energy.

5. Pay attention to the child’s general condition at all times. With treatment and care, inflammation will be effectively controlled within two to three days. If the condition does not improve but worsens, with drowsiness and neck stiffness, complications may exist and you should contact the treating physician as soon as possible.

Why children are prone to acute otitis media

The Eustachian tube in children is short, wide and straight, in a horizontal position, coupled with the child’s own resistance Poor, it is very easy to suffer from respiratory tract infection, which will lead to an increase in nasal secretions or spitting up, coughing or blowing the nose too hard, causing congestion and swelling of the Eustachian tube mucosa, ciliary movement disorder, bacteria can easily reach the middle ear, causing acute otitis media; in unclean conditions Pathogenic bacteria such as swimming and diving in water, improper nasal irrigation, etc. can also invade the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, thus causing acute otitis media.

Children due to physiological reasons andThe resistance is poor, so it is easy to suffer from acute otitis media. Many people want to know what to do with acute otitis media in children. They must go to the hospital for treatment immediately. Doctors will choose treatment methods based on the child's condition. In addition, parents should also do daily care work during their children's treatment.

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