What are the daily symptoms of hearing loss?

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Excessive headphone volume, high noise environment, blowing your nose forcefully, picking your ears and other daily behaviors may cause irreversible damage to your hearing. It is recommended that everyone pay attention to the "distress signal" sent by the ears.

What are the daily manifestations of hearing loss?

What are the daily symptoms of mild hearing loss?
The most obvious daily manifestation is: difficulty hearing soft sounds. What sounds are soft in daily life? Such as: talking softly, whispering, or whispering, the sound of leaves blowing in the wind, etc.

When listening to soft voices in a quiet environment, you need to prick up your ears, close the distance, and concentrate to hear clearly; sometimes you need others to repeat you to hear well. It is more difficult to hear soft voices in a noisy environment; the surrounding environment masks a high proportion of these sounds, making them less audible; it is easier for people to ignore the softer voices of the other party, and they are prone to embarrassment. Hearing Aids can help alleviate this awkwardness.

What are the daily symptoms of moderate hearing loss?
The most obvious thing is: difficulty hearing normal sounds. People with moderate hearing loss have difficulty listening to conversations at normal volume; soft sounds are more likely to be ignored and cannot be heard; in complex environments, environmental noise interferes with normal speech sounds, making it more difficult to hear consonants.

Talking at a closer distance, focusing on lip reading, speaking repeatedly, speaking louder from a normal distance, etc., are all effective ways to improve the audibility of normal sounds. At this time, you can wear hearing aids to assist listening.

What are the daily symptoms of severe hearing loss?
Daily manifestations include: difficulty hearing loud sounds. At this time, the hearing loss has exceeded the "banana diagram" range. I can't hear a few conversations at normal volume, and I need to repeat myself to speak loudly before I can hear it.
People with severe hearing loss will obviously feel hearing loss and the inconvenience that comes with it; speaking louder at close range, lip reading, repetition, etc. can improve audibility. To hear clearly, you need to be very loud, and the hearing-impaired person himself responds loudly to the other party, creating the illusion that the two parties in the conversation are quarreling. At this time, choosing hearing aids is the most common assistive hearing measure.

What are the daily symptoms of profound hearing loss?
Profound hearing loss is the most severe level of hearing disability, characterized by difficulty hearing sounds. 81-120 decibels, a large span, and there is a difference in the audibility of sounds; the difference in audibility of speech sounds is also obvious.
People with a hearing loss of close to 81 decibels have an easier time hearing loud sounds and loud voices. Lip reading is necessary; hearing aids can still help them a lot.
Hearing-impaired ears with a hearing loss of close to 120 decibels can only hear very loud sounds, and it is almost difficult to hear speech. It is easy for oneself to think that he is completely deaf and his ears are useless; hearing aids will help him as time goes by. As the severity increases and decreases, cochlear implants may be a better choice.

Hearing impairment can be divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is often caused by genetic genes, drugs, or premature babies are in an incubator. The auditory nerve is damaged during the process; some acquired hearing loss is caused by meningitis infection, viral infection, or age-related degenerative hearing loss.

Hearing loss is divided into three levels: mild, moderate and severe. Moderate hearing loss has seriously affected people's normal life. It is also very important to prevent hearing loss in daily life, especially for some high-decibel hearing loss. The noise can easily damage people's eardrums, and some damage cannot be rebounded. Only by starting from prevention can we have a healthy body.

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